RUINS is a shatter plug-in for maya , Very quickly and can be precision shatter.In maya, solid shatter It is very difficult to solve, moreover is very slowly,So I developed a new plug-in ruins;

      Ruins 3.0 can support CUDA and physX accelerated.... New UI and can use field to drived rigid body.

  Ruins rigid Body Attribute:

The Rigid body initial position.

InitRotate :
The Rigid body initial rotate.

Designated Rigid body speed and direction.

The damping when Rigid body solver.

AngularVelocity: T
he Rigid body angular velocity.

The damping when Rigid body roate.

Set Rigid body mass, If some objects bounce very high, please reduce the mass.

Put to Rigid body to sleep.... mean static.

wake up Rigid body when sleep. It works when set sleep "on" .

InheritField :
      a) default: if connect field to drive rigid body ,Please keep the default..
      b) inherit: Please keep the default..Will be automatically converted.
      c) setKey: if you want use field to drive rigid body , but hope individual objects themselves manual control
                    1)start:Specify the initial time to start solver .
                    2)end: Specified period of time that it stopped.

TIP: Rigid body can't support Scale!!

Follow : This is a new featuref in ruins3.5, If on, mean Rigid body can follow the movement of parent objects.( joint or group, if parent to joint, you must use: Constarin->parent). only use field to device.

Layer, Mask: you can set Layer: 2 Mask: 1 to aviod collision by itself.


If you want to Shatter many debris, you need CUDA accelerated .
you must have nvidia Geforce 8800 or quadro FX 4800 and 512M display memory above, if youhave 512M display memory ,
but In fact only 350M memory can use about.

Test your graphics card if support cuda :

windows 32:


Multi- field:


CUDA column:
debris: Debris looks more natural: The debris limit in 27, avoid too many fragments and too average .
Speed increased 50% than Ruins 1.5.

UniteUV: Unified UV When you use precision shatter or random shatter.
IF you enable UniteUV, the setMaterial button will be unable.
mean debrisiInSideSG only mapping 3d textures.
( More details please refer Ruins 1.5 ).

Density :debris subdivide.

Noise : derbris smoothness.

chua shatter: support very complex model shatter: downlaod demo: 10000 triangle shatter
The memory bandwidth decides your speed. 10000 triangle need 250M memory on you graphics card.

CUDA Material :When you complete all the debris after click this button!

shatter normal:

debrisiInSideSG only mapping 3d textures.

preview: open debris and to observe.

retrun : return to initial position.

precision shatter:
you can choose U V W to split mesh, U mean "x", V mean "y", W mean "z"; Demo video:

split W and use side:
debris Noise: 0.4 -0.6; division levels : 5;

High resolution version download: precision shatter

division levels : Control mesh density, Minimum of 3;

debris Noise: shatter depth, value max, Minimum of -1, Maximum of 1;

rand seed : change rand value;

recursion: shatter again; shatter helix:

Unlimited Shatter: Demo video:
High resolution version download: Unlimited Shatter

When you create debris is complete, If you need to mapping debris , please click the setMaterial button, Will be automatically allocated uv:( cudaMaterial have priority! )



Support System platform:
maya 2011 x64; maya 2011 x86;
maya 2010 x64; maya 2010 x86;
maya 2009 x64; maya 2009 x86;
maya 2008 x64; maya 2008 x86;

maya 2011 x64;
maya 2010 x64;
maya 2009 x64;
maya 2008 x64;

maya 2011 ;
maya 2010 ;
maya 2009 ;
MAC version can't support CUDA, beacuse more people use ATI card..
Linux and Mac use bullet engine.

Ruins 3.0 : 295.00$ Pruchase