Ruins Slit 1.0



create rootCurve: Create the main tree trunk.
create branchCurve: You must be create the main tree trunk, and then create branchCurve.


use curveShape: use curve to control root shape:  

select Curve priority:

selset Mesh priority:


set pivot to root: set curve pivot to[0].

display mesh Color: show face color on slitTreeMesh.

create Slit by boolean: Support boolean operation.

create Slit by shader: Automatically creates five rendering layer. see slitLayer Attribute.
You must be set light shader type to ray trace shadows:

Add displacement: Add displacement to slitSG. Work on all layers.



slitLayer Attribute:


SlitInfo Attribute:


Color: please don't modify it.

Diffuse: control tree shader diffuse

Ground name: define gound name

Plane: If the ground is flat, please select it, Will increase the speed.

Height: Specifies the height of the ground.



SlitDisplacement Attribute:


Color: Add displacement texture.

Factor: Control the noise level.

If you want to get better effect, set sample rate to 32,
but will increase render time.